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Habari gani ? (What's Happening ?) - Ujamaa, the fourth day of Kwanzaa

Ujamaa, the fourth principle of Kwanzaa, Cooperative Economics
Today, Dec 29th, marks the fourth day of Kwanzaa, where we celebrate the principle, Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics). As a brand, we support makers worldwide and through ethical sourcing and fair trade organizations we are able to ensure contemplative practices are in place.

The Importance of Ethical Sourcing & Fair Trade Products

In general, most people think about cooperative economics from an individual standpoint, at the time there's an immediate need for contributions, donations, or even a call-to-action to patronize small businesses & organizations.
While the focus on the zones of proximity around an individual is significant, in a global economy however, we have to consider that our immediate communities are part of a larger network, and in order to stay sustainable we can not ignore what is happening outside of our immediate surroundings.
When we begin to expand our world view, we become more aware and mindful of the business ethics and contemplative practices used in supply chain management and sourcing of the brands that we support. We should not be caught off guard by fraud, corruption, civil rights violations, and deplorable labor rights. There should be accountability and corporate responsibility in every process of business.

The Spirit of Ujamaa 

As a brand and small business, I want to know where my sourced supplies and handmade goods are coming from and if they were acquired in an ethical manner. I also want to know that the makers in communities from which the items are sourced as fairly compensated and treated with dignity and respect. 
As a black woman owned handicrafts business owner, I am driven to source from other like-minded business to make sure that every is getting their fair share. The cost of goods sold in this type of business, will always be higher than machine made goods as it is expensive to take care of people. 
When customers make a purchase from Sunsum, each dollar is divided among makers worldwide in communities not that much different than their own. 
It is the vision of the brand, to connect others through culture. People create culture. Not machines, not computers, not mobile devices...
Each an every product that is sold, is designed, touched/crafted, and packaged by the hands of a hard working black woman in a community Henderson, NV who has a message and a vision for the world.
Please handle with care.

Handmade by Sunsum Collection 

Each item may not be a perfect replicate of the other, because it's handmade.
Take a look at some of the products from the Handmade by Sunsum Collection.

6" Tabbed Hemp Wick ( 50 pcs) $10

Our 6" Tabbed Hemp Wick ( 50 pcs ) are organic, lead-free, and coated in beeswax. They are a great choice for soy, beeswax, coconut wax, or other plant-based candle wax container candles or pillars.

These wicks work well with a variety of wax blends and have a long burn-time.

If your wax is more firm than soft, you will love these wicks.

Tab Diameter : 12.5 mm

Wick Thickness : 1 mm

Wick Length : 6 inches


The Temperate Forest, Dried Flowers, Serenity Kit, DIY Crafts $40

It is inspired by the temperate forest and rainforest of America, where nature is fertile, renewing and resilient.

Use the kit to make your own holiday ornament, potpourri basket or table centerpiece. Add a few drops of Sunsum® Diffuser Oils to add fragrance to the dried flowers in the kit.

The Temperate Forest, Serenity Kit pairs well these Sunsum® Diffuser Fragrance Oils : Ice Storm, Timeless Musk, Earthy Goods, No. 1 - Kingdom, No. 2 - Foundation

The Stone & Metal Chickadees are handmade from serpentine stone and recycled metal by an artist in Zimbabwe. 

The Soapstone Reindeers are hand carved by Kenyan artisans from soft Kisii soapstone, then hand dyed and etched.

Each kit contains :

  • 5 - 6 Mini Pine Cones
  • 1 oz - 2 oz Preserved Cedar Tips 
  • 1/2 oz - 1 oz Reindeer Moss (White Lichen)
  • 1 Ornament or 1 Sola Wood Flower


Power of Three Kit $36


Experience of the positive healing, protective, and creativity energy of the Sunsum® Power of Three Kit. Each Power of Three Kit comes with 1 Obsidian Wand, 1 Selenite Wand, 1 Amethyst Wand, and 6 Palo Santo Incense.

Crystals can be good companions for those interested in self-knowledge, spiritual growth, and increasing intuition. The most common application of crystals is for healing the mind, body and spirit. 

Whether or not you are a beginner or more advanced, you will appreciate this  curated selection of crystals as a gift for yourself or your spiritual friend.

Each Power of Three Kit comes in a gift box.

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