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What is the difference between an intention and an affirmation ?

Intentions and affirmations are two similar but distinct concepts in personal growth and manifestation.

Setting Intentions (Goals)

An intention is a conscious decision to focus your energy and attention towards a specific goal or outcome. It's a statement of purpose, a direction you want to move in, and a guide for your actions and decisions. Intentions are often set at the start of a new project, in response to a life challenge, or as part of a spiritual practice.

Best products for setting intentions 

There are several handmade products in the Handmade by Sunsum®️ collection to inspire personal development and mindfulness practices such as intention setting.

Intention Candles 

Intention candles are a simple and effective tool for setting intentions and manifesting your desires. There are currently 6 intention candles in the collection each designed with a specific goal and signature fragrances to awaken the senses.

Here are the list of intentions and the related candles :

Using intention candles is a simple and powerful way to set and reinforce your intentions. By focusing your attention and energy on your desired outcome, you are sending a clear message to the universe and opening yourself up to new opportunities and experiences.

Declaring Affirmations (Actions)

An affirmation, on the other hand, is a positive statement or declaration that you make to yourself, often in the present tense. Affirmations are used to change limiting beliefs, cultivate positive emotions, and reinforce desired outcomes. They are a tool to help you shift your thoughts and attitudes, and to align your beliefs with your intentions.

Smudge Sticks 

Smudging is a traditional practice used for spiritual cleansing and renewal. It can also be incorporated into your daily affirmations to enhance their power and effectiveness.

We have 4 types of smudges each with a different purpose. Here are the available smudges and their intended use :

Smudging is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and manifestation. By incorporating it into your daily affirmations, you are combining the benefits of both practices, strengthening your intentions and creating a more powerful connection to the universe.

Sunsum Get Grounded for Self Care Kit


In summary, an intention is a goal or direction you set for yourself, while an affirmation is a positive statement used to support and reinforce your intention. Both can be powerful tools for personal growth and manifestation, and can be used together to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Each intention candle can be paired with a handmade smudge stick or floral wand to clear your space of negative energy and attract positive energy while setting intentions and declaring affirmations. You can try our Get Grounded for Self Care Kit  or Get Centered for Self Care Kit to combine both. 

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