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Our Products Celebrate the Natural Beauty of the Earth

Now help us keep it that way. 

White Sage & Copal Smudge Sticks with Red Chili Pepper and Bay Leaves

White Sage & Copal Smudge Sticks with Red Chili Pepper and Bay Leaves - $16

Did you know that we use contemplative practices for sourcing and product development ? 

One of our core values is taking pride in the quality of our products from natural and sustainable sources and doing business with suppliers and brands that take use contemplative practices as well.

In addition, we have chosen to raise awareness about the effects of deforestation, climate change, and sustainable and renewable sources through the One Tree Planted Campaign.

Because of the success of previous One Tree Planted campaigns, where we have planted over 2,000 trees through proceeds from purchases. We have integrated with the organization directly on our online store. Customers can choose to make a $1 or more donation to help us plant more trees all over the earth directly from our online store.

Donations can be made independently from purchase.


One Tree Planted's focus in Africa is to rebuild animal habitatrestore soil and critical watersheds, all while improving the lives of the communities who rely on the forests the most. Our planting partners promote agroforestry and educate farmers on the benefits of improved forestry practices, providing communities with sustainable sources of food, wood, and income.

Just $1 plants 1 tree

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