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We are sad to see the Hubba Wholesale Marketplace close

Hubba Wholesale marketplace was the first marketplace to give the brand, Sunsum Intention Candles to debut as a supplier and in June 2020, we made our first deal. Sadly, today, we received the communication that the marketplace is shutting down on February 12, 2021. 

Hubba Marketplace, based out of Toronto, has served independent makers and suppliers for over 10 years.

Hubba Wholesale Marketplace is shutting down on February 12, 2021

I'm glad I got a chance to join the independent makers and suppliers that provide unique and small batch items to retailers, resellers, and boutiques. Hubba provided a lot of financial incentives to up-starts and small businesses interested in purchasing wholesale items with low minimum quantities.

If were a Hubba wholesale customer and looking for other options for partnering with our brand, we have a few other marketplaces were you can find our brand along side of other independent makers and suppliers. You can also contact us directly, leave a message at 844-913-7028 or email us : .



We have partnered with Tundra to offer wholesale ordering online. To place your wholesale order online, please visit:

To make things even better, when you register using this link you will get 15% off every Tundra order for the first 30 days!

Your customers will love the products from Sunsum Intention Candles and you will love the savings.




Sunsum Intention Candles Wholesale on Boutsy

We have partnered with Boutsy to offer wholesale ordering online. To place your wholesale order online, please visit :

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