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Artisan Spotlight : Sibongile M Malgas Harmeling, Creator of the Mashona Brand

We have partnered with Sibongile M Malgas Harmeling, an artisan from Zimbabwe and South Africa, who founded the Mashona brand to add south east african cultural conversations to spaces.

About the Artisan

The Mashona tribe is one of two dominant tribes in Zimbabwe. The Shona people are known for their stone sculptures with soapstone and serpentinite and their aesthetic vision has influenced art and culture worldwide. The mbira, similar to the thumb piano in west africa, has become a national instrument.

Inspired by African textiles and patterns, Sibongile, who's name means "we are thankful" in Zulu and Ndebele, creates home goods and art.

Meet The Creator of Mashona Brand

Meet Sibongile, the Creator of Mashona Brand

“ I am a 34 year old mom and wife. Having moved to the Netherlands to be with my husband, my African roots have continue to grow through my work. I love the work of my hands and it helps me stay connected to who I am and who I will always be. My name is Sibongile Mandy Harmeling and I am a MaShona woman. “ - Sibongile M Malgas Harmeling

We are thankful for sharing our platform with artisans like Sibongile . You can find the Mashona Collection in under the Home Goods menu or in curated gift sets.

The Mashona Burlap Pocket Wax Print Aprons

Here are some handmade items from the Mashona Brand now available to shop :

Mashone Burlap Pocketed Wax Print Apron - Orange & White
Mashone Burlap Pocketed Wax Print - White & Black Mudcloth Mashona Burlap Pocket Wax Print - Black & Black
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