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Expand Your World View with Fair Trade Handmade Items

As long as fair trade practices continue to promote and protect artisans and producers at the local level, the heart and soul of communities, Sunsum will extend its brand and platform to amplify lifestyle products made by hardworking artisans around the world.

Expand your world view and experience the craftsmanship and aesthetic vision of makers from around the world.

Expand your world view with Fair Trade lifestyle products

Starting Fall 2021, our catalog will be organized by branded handmade products and fair trade (imported) products. When you shop with us, you will know that you are purchasing items that where made with intention by the hands of crafters, makers, and artisans. 

Items for each collection can be paired or grouped to make a perfect gift to yourself or others. 

Take a look at what's new in the Fair Trade Collection 





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