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Dark Clouds Don't Always Signal Rain

September was full of activities with the brand. With very little breathing room before the next show (Read More : Las Vegas Crafts Show, October 3rd), I had a sobering moment the first day of Mercury Retrograde. 

I’ve been pounding the pavement for weeks as I build brand awareness and playing with aether clouds after processing customer feedback and observations.  After unloading during a show, I came back to the office and flipped the light switch to my crafting room, and boy oh boy did it look like a few gremlins had a party in there. Then I realized that I no one was going to clean up the mess but the person who created it.... ie. me, myself and I.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Dark Clouds Don't Always Signal Rain

I play in the dark. It’s when I’m the most charged. It's when I can truly align with the divine feminine energy within and peacefully manifest. To some, the aether of the universe is other-worldly, disembodied, invisible, or mythical. Some may even disbelieve in the aether, because of journey along the way. To reach the aether you have allow yourself to become vulnerable in the darkness of the mind and that can be terrifying unless you learn to make friends with your shadow self, and learn to see in the darkness.

Once you become adept, you learn to capture the aether and discover its mysteries. For me, I like to think that I'm using a magical lasso to entrap an aether cloud then watch the shades of purple dissipate as the cloud collapses from its consumption.

Wake me up when September ends ... Dia de los Muertos

Even now sometimes, I chuckle wondering what was I really afraid of all these years. These aether clouds have always been a source of creative energy. My ancestors have been feeding them to me ever since the nightmares and terrors I had as a child. The same ancestors who told me to confront the monsters that lived in my closet. The same ancestors who responded to my helplessness and mercifully cries for hope and strength when I was trespassed against. 

These dark clouds don't signal rain, but rather that you have entered the spiritual plane surrounded by the 5th element.

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