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Like a Cactus Rose, I Thrive in the Desert

It hasn't even been 12 months and I feel like I've always been here ... in the desert ... the sun energizes me, the mountains revive me, and the 24 hour lifestyle beckons me...

As fruitful as summer and fall 2021 have been in the land of sun, we carried that same energy in the holiday season with a rush of orders. All of that sweating it out, doing farmers markets and events during the hottest months in Las Vegas, raised brand awareness and now we are supplying local businesses in the Las Vegas/Henderson metro area.  

Whoever said that nothing can thrive and prosper in the desert, obvious didn't know that I'm a cactus rose. I have survived through some of the darkest times of our economy and through many personal traumas. I have survived the amount of blunt force trauma that would have killed most people; surgeons suggest that people like me are not common, 1 out of 5. 

I am working hard to continue to build a brand with high-quality handmade items and as many have noticed, we have updated the online store to separate out items handmade by me, Akilah, the creator of Sunsum and items handmade by artisans worldwide.

The feedback in the local community has been great, so much so, that many local markets don't believe that my items are handmade .... LOL!!!

If you only knew, how often I had to show up and show out and assure marketplaces that I am the machine.

It's Black Girl Magic ( plus a whole lot of coffee, sage, palo santo, amethyst, obsidian, and selenite, too name a few).

As I begin to pause for a holiday break, I can't help but to think of how many times I set myself on fire to keep others warm. This new version of me is even better .... I am channeling all of my healing and love into the brand to share with the world.

I love who I have become ... I am a social arsonist, rabble-rouser, motorcyclist, creative techie, consultant, business owner, brand owner, product designer, the Generation X'er, who learned to deal with death and loss early enough in life, that finding connections to others during dark and desperate times became second nature.

Thank you ancestors!





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