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What I’m leaving behind in 2020

I’m leaving burnout behind with 2020.

I’m leaving behind trying to fix or heal people or spaces that aren’t ready to change. All this energy I’m spending trying to save others, is taking away from my ability to heal and create.

I guess you can say it’s a trauma response, or perhaps you can imply it’s my piety. Either way, I do feel drained when I allow toxic people to enter my space and drag me into toxic situations. 

No. 0 - Soul with Ace of Candles Oracle Card


I decided to try my new Oracle deck by Fox Tarot and as I started my self reflection while handling the deck. Wouldn’t you know that the Ace of Candles fell out in my desk.

Fox Tarot Oracle Deck

As I began to explore what the ancestors where trying to tell me with this happy accident, the message became clear ... on the 6th day of Kwanzaa, Kuumba... the day honoring creativity, I must be more mindful of burnout.

Ace of Candles - Fox Tarot Oracle Deck

According to the description of the card on the Fox Tarot site :

Burnout is when your mind and body have been under stress for an extended period of time causing extreme fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, and feelings of inadequacy, and/or frustration. You may feel a lack of control over your life and experience anxiety and insomnia. Performing routine tasks is suddenly overwhelming and your thresh- old for stress becomes very low. Physical symptoms can include chest pains, stomach aches, headaches or intestinal issues. Burnout is your body sending the message that you urgently need to rest, and it will really force you to do so as you discover you suddenly can’t function the way you want to. Avoid burnout by watching for warning signs and taking preventative measures ASAP. Denying that you need to take a break and trying to power through just increases the damage.

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