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All Black Everything - The 4 oz get a facelift

The 4 oz candle tins got a facelift . We abandoned the silver tin and orange labels in favor of the the black tins with black labels. 

No. 0 - Soul (4 oz) sporting black on black

The reasons for the change are simple, well somewhat. Black is one of the keystone colors and mood of the brand. Also, the black and white motif has some psychological and metaphorical meanings in western culture. The interpretations and application of the colors have antagonized much of the discussions related to social norms and identity politics.

No. 1 - Kingdom sporting black for summer 2021

The structural conflicts between black and white  are less about the assignment of the colors but the entitlements and acceptances of one over another. The color Black, in the west, often is associated with formalities, mourning, pain and death; making it only accessible in our culture when there is something less pleasant to deal with. The color White, in the west, often is associated with purity, inspiration, and cleanliness; making it accessible everywhere in our culture and often pleasant feelings are associated with it.

No. 2 - Foundation sporting black for summer 2021

The color bias only gets more complicated when you infer the meanings in identity politics. Our relationship to these colors and their meanings affects so many of our choices, that our fashion, home decor, car colors, etiquette, etc .., ultimately comes down to picking a side.

  • What does black mean to you ?
  • How often do you choose black ?
  • When do you choose black ?

Now ask yourself the same questions in the context of identity politics. 

If your answers are different, ask yourself why.

Imagine being born and indoctrinated into a culture where your identity was associated with the either color.

  • What would be different about your life?
  • What would be the same ?
  • What if we removed color from identity politics all together ?
  • What would be the new conflict ?
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