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Introspection is healing

Introspection also known as self-reflection helps one heal, recover, and grow from within. After the tumultuous events of 2020, irregardless of the politics that govern your beliefs and experiences, we have all been affected and have at least 1 or more shared experiences that will forever shape our thinking and actions in the world.

Coping with the changes to our world has given rise to practice of self-care in the retail and wellness communities. 

With so much time at home, social distancing, you can't avoid the marketing messages for #selfcare in branding and promotions.

It's the dogma of wellness that drowns out our connections to others.

Wellness has become an industry of curated and packaged nutrition, fitness, and self-care practices. This prescriptive nature of self-care inhibits our aesthetic freedom and ignores the social and political causes of stress.

Most importantly, ignores grounding principles in mindfulness.

Introspection is healing

Add introspection to self-care

Though criticized by some psychologist as a trigger for analysis paralysis, introspection, when can be beneficial when we ask ourselves the right questions.

Asking yourself, "Why did this happen ? " or " Why do I feel this way?", has the tendencies to trap us in our past. We get trapped in the feeling that the experience triggers.

Instead, if we reframe the questions to ourselves, with "What happened to me?", "What causes me to feel this way?" can force us to translate our emotions into a language, helping us stay in control when we are working through challenges or experiences that provoke a strong emotion.

Remember to use "What" not "Why"

As we continue to practice mindfulness, with introspection to develop internal self-awareness, we need to reframe our internal questions.  

Questions that begin with "Why" can upon our limitations and triggers emotions.

Questions that begin with "What" help us see our potential and understanding.

You can practice introspection, by simply paying attention to our relationship with ourselves and others. By setting intentions that are not self-serving but rather connect us to experiences that lead to a great sense of purpose.

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