Collection: No. 0 - Soul Collection

Introducing the Sunsum® No. 0 - Soul fragrance collection, the first of many mindful lifestyle products designed to create spaces for thriving. Inspired by the adinkra symbol of human spirit, Sunsum, this signature fragrance line represents the connection between body and soul.

The collection features pineapple, sage, and white tea notes, along with other refreshing scents like bergamot, mandarin, and jasmine. The No. 0 - Soul fragrance line aims to stimulate curiosity, awaken motivation, and promote cultural competence and interconnectedness, helping you to feel grounded and centered.

The fragrance notes of No. 0 - Soul are : pineapple, bergamot, mandarin, green leaves, palm , anise, thyme, jasmine, ginger, sage, sugar, white tea, chrysanthemum.