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Habari gani ? (What's Happening ?) - Imani, the seventh day of Kwanzaa

Imani, the seventh principle of Kwanzaa, Faith


Today,  Jan 1st, marks the seventh and last day of Kwanzaa, where we celebrate the principle, Imani (Faith). As a brand, we believe that faith in people, family, community and culture, in the context of African spirituality, birthed the brand and has sustained the brand through difficult times and will continue to inspire the growth and impact of the brand.

We Could Not Have Survived, Without You

The brand started with a calling, of sorts, when a deep powerful sadness took over me. A tear fell, but this time, unlike the other times a tear has fallen, I did not have fear in my heart. There was no rage. There was no anger. There was an emotion, so deep, pure and penetrating, that it woke the dead. My ancestors sprung into action. There have only been a few times in my life where I can recall such a response, that my life was spared even back then.

I stepped out on faith, and designed the product hero, the 26 oz, No. 0 - Soul candle, inspired by the Sunsum adinkra symbol. Shortly later, my very first order, a wholesale order, arrived in my inbox, and the rest was history.

During the pandemic, I have had to pivot with the brand on more than one occasion to stay agile, and each and every time, the brand grew more interest and more orders came in. 

I'm here to say, that with the latest leap of faith, relocating the brand and my personal life to the Las Vegas region, was one of the biggest leaps of faith I've taken personally and as a business owner, and I did it with a solo trip cross-country, and 2 cats. We drove out of the Atchafalaya basin in southern Louisiana, across Route 40, through parts of the country (the American Southwest) I had never seen before. It took us 2 days to arrive, because I refused to pay for 2 hotels on the trip not know where I was going to stay or live when I arrived in Las Vegas.

In less than 1 month, I was able to secure a more permanent residence for myself and the brand. Fast forward 6 months and the brand grew from 1 fragrance and 4 products, to over 21 fragrances and over 200 products in the catalog. All of this has been possible, due to the purchasing power of conscientious consumers and organizations like the W Marketplace, and economic engine for woman-owned businesses.

What Can We Look Forward to in the New Year ?

The new year, 2022 will bring prosperity to the brand and all of my supporters who keep us busy with work. You can expect to see, new fragrances, more botanticals, such as dried flowers & herbs, bouquets, and a redesigned online store. Plus new opportunities to reach a global audience.

Here are a few items from our catalog, that will inspire you to have faith and to take action to manifest a well-lived life :

Made to Order : Ceramic Cat Candle ( 10 oz ) - $50

Looking for an elegant statement in your home or a classy gift for someone special ?

Design your own candle with the Ceramic Cat Candle vessel.

Each pot is hand painted by Luo potters and fired in a rustic open-air kiln before being hand painted. Each piece has 3 images of artwork and will have slight variations because they are handmade.

The Luo, Kenya's third largest ethnic group that resides on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria. The people have created a culture that embraces everything that contributes to their survival. The Luo people apply functional and cultural meanings to spaces. 

Clay Ceramic Pot Dimensions : 4 " L x 4 " W x 4.5 " H

Exterior Diameter: 4. nches

Interior Diameter: 4 inches

Height: 4.5 inches

Candle Volume : 10 oz

Made to Order : Handmade Maasai Medallion, 4" Round Soapstone Candle (8 oz) - $50

Looking for an elegant statement in your home or a classy gift for someone special ?

Design your own candle with the Maasai Medallion Round Vessel.

Carvers in Kenya's western highlands craft the basic form for lidded storage boxes from soft soapstone. Artisans in a Nairobi workshop then add a deep black hand-dyed finish and etched details

Dimensions : 4" D x  2" H

Candle Volume : 8 oz

Made to Order : White & Gold Ceramic Candle ( 10 oz ) - $45

Looking for an elegant statement in your home or a classy gift for someone special ?

Design your own candle with the White & Gold Ceramic Vessel.

The Handmade Elegant White & Gold Ceramic Candle is a stylish addition to your home decor. The exterior of the container is off-white with facets making each container one-of-a-kind.  The gold interior may have some bubbling due to the electroplating application.

Natural blemishes and variations may be present as this is a handmade item.

Exterior Diameter: 4.5 Inches

Interior Diameter: 4.25 inches

Height: 3 inches

Candle Volume : 10 oz

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