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We are expanding the brand

A lot of lessons where learned during our inaugural year. Not only were we trying to launch a brand as a start up business during a global pandemic, but we had to make several critical pivots in order to survive.

Because of the love and support of our customers, who watched us grow through the times of uncertainty, I'm proud to announce that we will be expanding the product line this year. 

Pivot ! Like your Brand Depends on It

Our product hero, the No. 0 - Soul (26 oz) candle was the first to launch without our complete understanding of how the world would be shifting away from brick-n-mortar stores to online retail (at least for now).

Our first pivot was to scale down our candles to and adapt to the changes in the market and the feedback from our supporters and more experienced suppliers and merchants.

There is an interconnectedness to the aesthetics of the candle that invites curiosity and promotes cultural competence. For those unfamiliar with sacred geometry, the Tree of Life symbol below represents the soul.

Each sphere on the tree of life represents a different domain in one's life that needs attention, attitude, and intention before obtaining self-mastery.


No. 0 - Soul invites us to begin an awakening through transmutation

The brand will follow the Tree of Life, like a map , using and sacred path intended for self-mastery.

We will be manifesting 2 new candles in the product line per quarter. 


What you can expect to see this spring :

(ok, I admit it. This is a very, very, very rough draft. But this is what the process looks like at the design phase... it's not always pretty)

No. 1 - Kingdom (draft) and No. 2 - Foundation (draft)

No. 1 - Kingdom (coming Spring 2021  in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes)

Declared Intention : I create my own destiny

No. 1 - Kingdom (Fawohodie) positioned on the Tree of Life

After one becomes self-aware, they can turn their attention and intention towards the tree of life. The first step on the path to self-mastery is to master your kingdom.

Expect fragrances notes of lavendar, patchouli, and jasmine in the Kingdom candle.

No. 2 - Foundation (coming Spring 2021 in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes)

Declared Intention : I adapt to change

No. 2 - Foundation (Denkyem) positioned on the Tree of Life


After one masters their kingdom, they can turn their attention and intention towards the next step of the path to self-mastery, the foundation.

Expect fragrance notes of neroli, oud, and mandarin in the Foundation candle.

During times of uncertainty, everything around you can feel chaotic and sometimes threatening. For creatives, sucking in the ether to churn out new creative potential was one of the outcomes of 2020. For those who have overcome many difficult challenges in their lives, 2020 may have felt like business as usual. As for the brand, our story was only just begun.

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