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We Are Family Powered and Woman Owned

Twilight at the LV Craft Show’s Night Market on Saturday, March 26th

We had a successful Saturday evening with our local community at the LV Craft Show's first Night Market at Tivoli Village, Las Vegas, Nevada. It was pleasantly warm averaging about 72 degrees after the sun went down, which offered much needed respite from the desert sun.

Busy intersection all the way to the night market

Spring was in the air as over 7,000 people attended to feel the vibes, satisfy some food cravings, and shop with talented artisans from the region. 

Sunsum’s reed diffuser replacements at the LV Craft Show’s Night Market

We really made an impression on many new shoppers and the response was overwhelming. From the outside looking in, it appears that the brand is a one-woman show, and while most of the time it most certainly is, this was not the time to be alone. 

 We are family powered and woman owned.

Through the power of family, and the collective suffering of my ancestors, have I unlocked the mystery to healing through connection and interconnectedness. These hidden figures have laid the foundation for my success as a business owner and continue to push the brand forward through their love, labor, and grace.

The strength of the brand is powered by family. 

When I am weak, sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, and determined. It is my family who answers the calling to help me get things done. I am nothing without them.

Just as the brand, Sunsum, is nothing, without you.

Handmade and ethical sourced products on display at the LV Craft Show’s Night Market

If you found a connection to our products,  thank you for supporting the brand. 

We believe that we are all connected to all things. When we pay more attention to our relationship with ourselves and others, we create a more meaningful life.

When you make a purchase with our brand, you are supporting a small black woman owned business that supports other small businesses. We source our products from other family owned businesses, artisans, and communities both local to the Las Vegas region and world-wide. 

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