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Be Adaptable to Change Like a Crocodile

Often times we rely on curated digital experiences and word of mouth to shape our perception of the world around us. As we return to traversing our worlds post-pandemic, many of us are seeking connection and personalized in-person experiences that were unavailable while social distancing while still reconciling with the changes and impact COVID-19 worldwide.

Traveling has been a popular way for persons to cope with the changes and even relocation has been popular discussion as we begin to reassess what makes us happy and where we can continue to thrive and become more resilient to emergencies and environmental or economic events beyond our control.

The crocodile lives in water but breathes air.

As we prepare ourselves for re-entering spaces outside of our home, we can refer to the adinkra symbol of the crocodile, Denkyem, for inspiration.

Denkyem - The Crocodile used as inspiration for the No. 2 - Foundation series.

There is a Ghanian proverb associated Denkyem that is interpreted to mean, "the crocodile lives in water, but breathes air". We can infer that like a crocodile, being adaptable to your environment can create character building experiences and present opportunities to thrive.

When we evolve our core beliefs to include adaptability it becomes the foundation to accessing a well-lived life and expanding our world view. 

Relieve stress and improve your mood with  No. 2 - Foundation series of intention candles or wax melts found in our shop. The scent profile of the No. 2 - Foundation series includes, neroli, jasmine, and bergamot.

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