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I taught myself to be fearless

Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you're making it for a good reason.

I have a story to tell about how I taught myself to be fearless.

I grew up on the creature features and scream-queens of the 80s. Despite my mother's reservations about my impressionable mind and vivid imagination, I gawked in shock with my dad in theaters, or on the couch. Sometimes we watched these flicks during on a Saturday afternoon on public television, but many times, we had to stay up late for Tales of the Crypt on HBO. 

It was important for me to show my dad, that I could handle myself "like a big girl", and win his approval by surviving the flicks or shows without screaming, crying, or 

Being fearless liberates me from the restrictions I place upon myself. My opportunities expand. My mind becomes peaceful. I accomplish more. Rather than wanting shelter from difficulties, I want the capacity to rise to any challenge.

I know that I create my own fears. That means I also have the power to extinguish them.

Greater understanding makes life less scary. I teach myself to let go of whatever is causing my distress. When I feel afraid, I bring my fears out into the open. Focusing on my breathing dispels my anxieties. My muscles relax and my thoughts are purified. 

I live in the moment and avoid anticipating everything that could go wrong. It is prudent to make plans for typical challenges, like traffic delays and bad weather. But it is also essential to realize that many events are beyond my control. 

I trust myself to handle whatever comes my way. Looking back on past adversities teaches me that I can triumph over challenging circumstances. I may find a better job after I get laid off from one position. I may learn to manage a chronic medical condition through simple lifestyle changes.

I face hardships head on. Taking prompt action teaches me that I am resilient. Finding solutions becomes my focus.

I acknowledge my feelings. I am gentle with myself when I feel uneasy. At the same time, I decide to move ahead anyway and fear shifts to the background.

Today, I show great courage. I confront my fears and watch them go away.


Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do my greatest fears reveal about me?

2. How can I overcome habits that reinforce my fears?

3. How would being fearless change my life?

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