Intentionally Connecting to a Culture with Candles


I believe that we are all connected to all things. When we pay more attention to our relationship with ourselves and others, we create a more meaningful life. I have always been fascinated by the movements of people in spaces in different places. People create culture. Connecting with a culture can have a positive impact on your sense of belonging, identity and overall well being.


Finding opportunities to make an authentic connection and understanding your relationship to a culture requires time, space and curiosity. We have become accustomed to curated experiences in America offered by corporate culture. Wellness has become an industry of curated and packaged nutrition, fitness, and self-care practices. We have authorized employers to decide which health care and wellness providers benefit the greater good which imposes constraints on an individual's time, resources and access to specific and personalized care. This prescriptive nature of self-care inhibits our aesthetic freedom and ignores the social and political causes of stress.

I created Sunsum Intention Candles as a direct response to the dogma in wellness. I found a connection to the culture in Ghana. The adinkra symbols are actually ideograms attached to attitudes, behaviors or expressions. The Akan and Ashanti people used them on cloth, metal and wood as metaphors and non-verbal communication. I selected 12 adinkra ideograms that resonate with me and my own personal journey to healing and self-mastery. Each ideogram was interpreted, styled and paired with an affirmation for intentional living.  Following the path of the Golden Dawn, the brand traverses up the Tree of Life, to reveal the interconnectedness of your sense of belonging, identity and overall well being.

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The most amazing scents

I love the entire kit. The sage, the candles are amazing, I even love the matches that come in a cute jar.

I have the items sitting in my coffee table because it’s just pretty. There’s something to say about things that are useful and easy for decorating as well

Can’t wait to get the other sets

444 bundle

Received three oils no candles amd wasnt sure if oils were to burn or to wear . No instructions of you how to use.


Thank you for ordering the Spirit Number 444, Water Elemental Set. This set comes with 3 body oils that can be applied directly to skin or added to bath water to soften skin.

Our body oils are made with fractionated coconut oil and fragrance oil. You will find that it’s safe enough to use on most skin types, hair, and face.

Because this oil is non-toxic, it can be used in a oil burner for room fragrance.


Loved the bath salts. So soothing in a nice c hot bath. Will order again

Refreshing Aroma

I love my candle. My whole house smells wonderful. It was highly recommended my a dear friend and it did not disappoint. The candle came quickly and was well wrapped.

Love me nappa leather sliders

Loved the shoes. Very good quality and was surprised that they weren’t flat but had a supportive rubber sole (better for my feet).


Never disappointed when we order

Great Scent

The product is visually pleasing as a dried country flowers in the little jug. The arrangement exudes the scent pretty powerfully so that it can be smelled throughout the house. I like that the scent isn't overly sweet as well. I'll get it again.

Loved it

Love the smell. It’s sitting in the hallway bathroom and i can smell it when I open the front door (not even lighted yet)🥰


These are super cute and fit perfectly in with my decor.

Love it

Loving my obsidian and palo santo bundle i purchased

Beautiful bowl,

So happy I found the site, Terranerra's Magical Musings Shop! I love my beautiful crystal bowl and feel comfortable to receive this energy bowl from the vendor

Amazing customer service and quality products

The hemp wicks offered through SunSum Intentional living are spectacular. I am more than happy with my purchase.
Especially knowing that the hemp is grown in Nevada, and the wicks are handmade at SunSum intentional. Supporting American small businesses is more important now, than it ever has been in the past. I look forward to working with this company more in the future.

Amazing Service and Products

Many companies claim to be natural and eco friendly but Sunsumintention delivers with a bang. These products are potent, beautiful, and worth every dime. I purchased body oils and dried floral sacks. They both were gifts that received great so I had to buy them for myself aswell. Highly recommended!

Scent that lasts!

I use this in my heated diffuser and a little lasts and lasts. I will be ordering more fragrances!!

Love it

the candles are so calming. The flowers are perfect for my bedside table.


The lavender and eucalyptus were beautiful and very fragrant! It looks amazing in my living

Beautiful set

The set was beautiful and the smell I selected was perfect 👍

Everything at Sunsum Intentional Living is BEAUTIFUL. And the owner is so sweet. We chatted about which bundle would be the best for me. Thanks for your help :)

Baby Leather was very pleasant

I picked up a baby leather car diffuser from the farmers market and was skeptical at first because I'm really sensitive to colognes and fragrances. I was willing to give the baby leather fragrance a try since my car has a leather interior anyways. I have to admit was better than I expected and it didn't irritate my nose not once. I guess the all-natural ingredients make a big difference then the synthetic fragrances you get from a gas station. I will purchase this again.

Beautiful pieces

Absolutely love everything I got. Thank you so much!

No. 0 - Soul (4 oz)

Cool temporary tattoo

I got one "Sunsum Intention Candles, Soul Manifestation Tattoo" from Walmart. At first I thought I was receiving a special candle but upon further look it was just a tattoo that this candle brand sells. It's cool that I can use it as my family really likes spiritual or zen type stuff so putting a cool temporary tattoo on would be fun to show everyone. It comes with basic instructions like any temporary tattoo. Wet the backing sheet, apply to clean skin surface for at least a minute, remove backing sheet and the tattoo should remain. It goes on really well and is pretty durable. Doesn't seem to smudge, crack or wipe away easily once applied and dried. The design is kind of weird but they offer a reason behind it. Overall I am really surprised by it, the color stays bold for quite some time and looks kind of real. It is kind of spiritual and I bet more people would ask the meaning behind it when you are out with it on. It is a very neat piece of artwork for anyone who likes spiritual or zen-like symbolism. I would recommend it to others for sure but I don't think I would get it again as it is just too big of a tattoo.

Best Candles Hands Down!!!

I absolutely LOVE Sunsum candles!!! They smell amazing, they last a long time and even unburned, you can smell them. They are my faves.

Just FYI, I was afforded a lux spa stay over the weekend and was able to pick out candles for my bubble bath in a soaking tub. I chose two candles and needless to say I was disappointed because they were not as strong as my Sunsum or greatly smelling as my Sunsum. So uh, needless to say, those supposedly luxe candles don’t hold any weight to my Sunsum candles. I’m a lifetime customer for sure!