Intentionally Connecting to a Culture with Candles


I believe that we are all connected to all things. When we pay more attention to our relationship with ourselves and others, we create a more meaningful life. I have always been fascinated by the movements of people in spaces in different places. People create culture. Connecting with a culture can have a positive impact on your sense of belonging, identity and overall well being.


Finding opportunities to make an authentic connection and understanding your relationship to a culture requires time, space and curiosity. We have become accustomed to curated experiences in America offered by corporate culture. Wellness has become an industry of curated and packaged nutrition, fitness, and self-care practices. We have authorized employers to decide which health care and wellness providers benefit the greater good which imposes constraints on an individual's time, resources and access to specific and personalized care. This prescriptive nature of self-care inhibits our aesthetic freedom and ignores the social and political causes of stress.

I created Sunsum Intention Candles as a direct response to the dogma in wellness. I found a connection to the culture in Ghana. The adinkra symbols are actually ideograms attached to attitudes, behaviors or expressions. The Akan and Ashanti people used them on cloth, metal and wood as metaphors and non-verbal communication. I selected 12 adinkra ideograms that resonate with me and my own personal journey to healing and self-mastery. Each ideogram was interpreted, styled and paired with an affirmation for intentional living.  Following the path of the Golden Dawn, the brand traverses up the Tree of Life, to reveal the interconnectedness of your sense of belonging, identity and overall well being.

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No. 0 - Soul (4 oz)
Shanika Graffeo

No. 0 - Soul (4 oz)

Cool temporary tattoo

I got one "Sunsum Intention Candles, Soul Manifestation Tattoo" from Walmart. At first I thought I was receiving a special candle but upon further look it was just a tattoo that this candle brand sells. It's cool that I can use it as my family really likes spiritual or zen type stuff so putting a cool temporary tattoo on would be fun to show everyone. It comes with basic instructions like any temporary tattoo. Wet the backing sheet, apply to clean skin surface for at least a minute, remove backing sheet and the tattoo should remain. It goes on really well and is pretty durable. Doesn't seem to smudge, crack or wipe away easily once applied and dried. The design is kind of weird but they offer a reason behind it. Overall I am really surprised by it, the color stays bold for quite some time and looks kind of real. It is kind of spiritual and I bet more people would ask the meaning behind it when you are out with it on. It is a very neat piece of artwork for anyone who likes spiritual or zen-like symbolism. I would recommend it to others for sure but I don't think I would get it again as it is just too big of a tattoo.

No. 0 - Soul (4 oz)
Monica Akpotosevwe
Best Candles Hands Down!!!

I absolutely LOVE Sunsum candles!!! They smell amazing, they last a long time and even unburned, you can smell them. They are my faves.

Just FYI, I was afforded a lux spa stay over the weekend and was able to pick out candles for my bubble bath in a soaking tub. I chose two candles and needless to say I was disappointed because they were not as strong as my Sunsum or greatly smelling as my Sunsum. So uh, needless to say, those supposedly luxe candles don’t hold any weight to my Sunsum candles. I’m a lifetime customer for sure!

great smell candle

I love this candle. We love burning candles in our house every single day, as it gives the house a perfect aroma. This candle is a luxury scented, coconut wax, and beeswax blend, it has a strong aroma, and the house smells amazing. We have dogs in the house and this candle helps us with all the dog's smells, now I can only smell the candle and not the dogs. For a longer-lasting, you need to trim it before every use. This candle not only gives your house a perfect aroma but also it gives coziness and comfort.

Fills the house without overpowering

I wish i loved this scent, but it was very buzy and simply not for me. Some of the other scents sound amazing so i may give those a try because this candle filled my house with its scent rather quickly without being overpowering. Sadly it was filled with a scent i didnt end up carrying for. I think a different scent would be great in this brand!

Tattoo candle

It was so relaxing to have the tattoo candle in the house , I would definitely recommend this to all my family and friends so they can also enjoy the same experience I had with mine

Love the scent

I'm really a big fan of this Sunsum intention candle. To start off I really love how the candle is in a glass container. The container also came with a glass lid which I always prefer because I find it very useful to put the candle out. When you put the lid on the candle, no air is getting in there, therefore the fire gets suffocated and puts out by itself. The candle seems to be lasting a pretty decent amount of time. By far my favorite part would have to be the scent. The first time I smelled it I thought it was similar to perhaps a lemon candy. After lighting it and really getting to smell it; it's slightly more like a very clean, soapy lemon smell. It's slightly sweet but definitely not too sweet. It's a great real relaxing scent to have going on at any time of the day.

Smells good coming out of the box

This candle smells good as you take it out of the box. It actually smells yummy. It smells like pineapple and that happens to be one of my favorite scents. I don't know much about it helping to calm me. I'm not really into that type of life, I guess. I just know it smells good and I love a candle that smells good. If a candle smells leaves my home smelling nice, I'm happy with that.

Very nice candle

Provides just enough light, and has an interesting fragrance. When I first lit the wick, it smelled like licorice, but after a minute the listed scents hit my nose. I would definitely recommend this product, and the shipping was was very fast!

Soul Tattoo

Sunsum Intention Candles has put it together with this tattoo. This is deep and gives inspiration calming all at the same time. The design in this tattoo is reaching out to all. The No- Soul, Manifestation Tree of Life tattoo is personal yet known to everyone. The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal uniqueness and our individual beauty. As the tattoo connects The Tree of Life shows we are connected to everything. Sunsum in mythology is what connects the body to the soul. The Tree of life grows upward and outward as we reach our goals in life. So does the symbol reach out and connect the meanings of our soul. The best part is the tattoo is temporary. Yes, you can wear the tattoo and not really get inked. This excites me because I am not a fan of ink. I do like to express myself sometimes and this tattoo is a great way to do it. Plus if you don't like the tattoo or the place you thought you wanted to put it, no worries, it will go away. The tattoo is easily applied with holding a wet cloth on the tattoo for 30 seconds and you have a tattoo.

Save Him From Being Stupid.

I got this for a 17-year-old nephew who talked about getting a tattoo because he thought his buddy would think it looked cool. Hard for a 17-year-old to understand he will be stuck with some out dated mess for the rest of his life. Hope this makes him see how stupid getting a tattoo is.

Sundevil Country

Not sure how to review this...but I guess it is a symbol that connects the body to the one's soul. A tree of life type of symbol. I will do some more studying/research to see what it is all about.I before purchasing...might be some interesting research.


These tattoos are easy to apply. They last a long time, even after showering, on the body, particularly my back, when applied properly and to the instructions that is clearly written. These tattoos are very noticeable on my dark skin. They look very realistic because they have a Matt finish. The instructions are easy to follow. I like that you don't have to be dedicated to a permanent tattoo and you can change up what you want to apply at any time. You can use these if you are thinking about getting a permit tattoo, just to see if you want to commit.

No. 0 - Soul ( 8 oz )
Throws and smells great

I trimmed the wick n lit it for like and hour or so the smell lingered fir several days after. I was in shock at the way the scent stuck. It has a unique scent I can't describe. The only complaint was the fill out of the box. I was thinking where is the rest of the candle?

Nice quality!

The color of this temporary tattoo is vibrant black. Really solid in color. Great quality. I enjoy the message that comes with the tattoo. "Were all connected in our soul" . So beautiful. Great product. It's been years that I've did temporary tattoos but it was extremely nostalgic to apply this one. Extremely easy. All of the pieces came onto my skin easily. No chipping.

Didn't work for me but others

For some reason, this candle gives me a headache. It smells really good and my husband likes it a lot. I am the only person that does not like it but everyone else does so I guess it's me so it's a good candle.


As I lit the candle I waited for the scent to arise it's got a very very low scent I thinking this is a therapy candle I'm a person that likes very much sense in the air this candle had a very clean scent to it very soft that's not what I'm accustomed to but this kind of wasn't bad at all I would recommend this to a person that can't handle High scent it was okay I left it in my bathroom so when I'm soaking in the tub to relax but as I stated I like a lot of scent this is more of a aromatherapy type candle if I'm not mistaken all in all it was okay

Nice tattoo

My tattoo came in an envelope with a piece of cardboard to keep it from getting damaged. The directions were fairly easily. My son used it on his forearm. Although I told him I would help him apply it he didn't wait for the help (teenager) just thought it was cool to have a temporary tattoo. It was very bold in print and applied firmly all the way around. No faded spots or wearing thin anywhere. It didn't stay on him long because he had lotion on but if it had been applied as directed I'm sure it would have lasted longer.


Great design and not hard to apply. It stayed on a lot longer then expected. Didn't flake off right away. It was a little on the large side but really cool features.

I thought it was a candle

I thought I ordered a candle and I got a rub on tattoo. I'm way to old to put a tattoo on, nor do I have anyone to give it to. If you are a child it would have been a good product for you.

Cute, but no explanation and short life

This temporary tattoo is cute, but there isn't much explanation as to what it means, or even what it is called. Rhe fact that the company is called Sansum leads one to believe the symbol is called Number 0- The Soul. The actual name is Sansum, and is an Adinkra symbol... The tattoo, for the price, doesn't last long. It starts fading in 24 hours. I definitely would not spend this money on a single tattoo that doesn't last. Maybe a 4 pack.

Nice, higher quality, fragrance candle

Sunsum Intention Candles, No. 0 -Soul, Apothecary Candle Jar, 8 oz As a guy, we don't usually think much about candles, but this is a really nice one. I got this for my girlfriend and she (and I) really like it. Its a cleanly packaged candle in a box, not just the jar. I would consider it to be ���gift quality' ready to wrap. We opened the package and you can smell the fragrance before you even take the lid off the jar, not in an overwhelming way, but in a good way. The candle is 8oz and the jar w/o lid is about 3�� tall and the opening is 3�� wide, about 4�� wide for the body of the jar. Wax is white in color and its made of a combo of coconut & beeswax. I would say that after lighting the candle, it gives a nice fragrance that is fresh but relaxing, you can read all the 'notes' in the description. I would say, its a fresh scent that is good for the ladies, but manly enough for a guy. It doesn't really have a smell I can put a name to, it just relaxes the room. We have used the candle for a few hours and it burns evenly and makes the house smell just right. I have to say, this is quite a nice candle, but it is also $30, or a lot more than the competition. My girlfriend says that given the quality of the fragrance, its worth it. From my point of view, I would see it as a nice gift. I would give it 5 stars if it was $5 less.

No. 0 - Soul (tattoo)
Spruce up your boring candle

This candle tattoo has a unique design, and it's so simple to apply. Remember those tattoos we used to get from bubble gum or that caramel corn box of goodness? It's just that easy to give a boring candle a beautiful new look!

Zen it is!

This is the candle that I have been needing! I could smell the candle in the packaging so I knew the smell was already on point. This candle smells so good in a brought peace about my day. The burning time is long and you will have this candle for a long time.


This seems pricey for a temporary tattoo. It works and last as long as it claims in the description on the website. If you are wanting a tattoo to put on your body then this will do the job.