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Brand Updates for Spring 2021

Sunsum is a registered trademark of Cognitive Prototyping LLC

It's official, the brand Sunsum is now officially a registered trademark of Cognitive Prototyping LLC. (Notice the registered trademark glyph)

What does this mean?

Well, it means we may need to update our packaging a little, but you are still getting the same high-quality handmade products as before. It also means, that the brand has the potential to grow beyond intention candles and manifestation tattoos. Sunsum  - the lifestyle brand. 

Price adjustments for Additional Overhead and Shipping Costs

I definitely believe in making high-quality affordable products, but the rising costs of doing business in the light-manufacturing/handmade/maker world, says otherwise. After a scolding by my bookkeeper, it's pretty clear that in order to get out of the red and not comprise on quality, then I need to increase the retail and wholesale pricing of the products in order to make it make sense.


All products will be increased by 12%, which means for that I may lose some customers. I'm not happy about that. I'm not happy that capitalism forces my hand and my values refuse to offer less than the best to the public. It is because of this integrity, that I pray for understanding and humility from my customers and supporters. 

Life as a small-business is full of tough decisions, but if you enjoy the brand and the quality, please continue to support and spread the word. Bloom where you are planted

Viva Las Vegas !

After enjoying almost 3 years in Lafayette, Louisiana, it's time to relocate the shop as the brand is growing faster that I can keep up. I'm expanding the shop and manufacturing capacities to Nevada. 

Where are the new additions to the candle family ? 

Would you believe it if I told you that the printed glass jars have been surviving the winter energy crisis in Dallas, Texas ? Fortunately, my screen printer has been able to return to work, however, leaving customers like myself a little behind. Look for the new candles and scents this April.

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