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Crafts and Handmade Goods Are Popular This Year

Gifting season is here but so is the recession (fortunately, we are no strangers to economic hardships). During this time, you may be seeing incredible discounts and promotions from big box stores and Amazon to lure in more shoppers.

When you are shopping this year don’t forget about the small businesses, as we are hardest hit during times like this as we can’t compete with giants like Walmart and Amazon. I don’t even want to scare you away from the rising costs of shipping 😢. When a small business discounts offers or offers free shipping that means we flip the bill for all expenses which leaves little profit, if any at all. During times like this, small businesses are more grateful for every purchase and dollar spent with us over the big box stores.

Each purchase means that you believe in our effort, our vision, our brand values, and more importantly that you want to share our good vibes with others.

There is a silver lining in it all, however ….

Small businesses do have something to offer that the big box stores don’t. We offer a uniqueness, quality and craftsmanship not available from products made in China. 

Our products are handmade in Nevada with high quality supplies and are ethically sourced from other small businesses and woman-owned businesses right here in America.


We have expanded our botanical collection to include more supplies, gifting ideas, and stocking stuffers.  Our botanical collection includes wreaths, reed diffusers, smudge sticks, bouquets, and potpourri. There are many options to choose from for gifts under $30. 

When you shop small with us, use promo code : ShopSmall to save 35% on your order.


If you are able to spend $100 or more, take advantage of more savings with an automatic cart discount of an extra 35% ( for a total of 70% off your order).

This is our thank you to all of you for following the brand and continuing to support small black woman-owned businesses all year round.

Happy Holidays !


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