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Habari gani ? (What's Happening ?) - Ujima, the third day of Kwanzaa

Ujima, the third principle of Kwanzaa, Collective Work & Responsibility
Today, Dec 28th, marks the third day of Kwanzaa where we celebrate the principle Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility).  As a brand, we acknowledge that the use of the adinkra symbols in our branding comes with great responsibility. 

What We Can Learn From The Past

The adinkra symbols have origins in Ghana and are considered pictograms as they imply meaning and become a visual communication system of their own. The Sankofa symbol, reminds us that we must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward, and understand why and how we came to be who we are today. This will help us learn from the past and create a more sustainable and culturally rich society with opportunities for future generations.

As a brand, we are inspired by the rich cultures of Africa, and their influence on the world, even today. We recognize the intersectionality of identities in American culture, and we intended to invite new conversations that promote cultural competence and interconnectedness.

Purchasing our handmade goods or products from the fair trade collection, create an instant connection to others while expanding our world view.  It is within this aesthetic vision, that we can begin to challenge the dogma in wellness, home decor, and lifestyle products and feel empowered by the our interpretation and representation of a well-lived life.

There are many different permutations to a well-lived life, however we have been forced to accept and assimilate into a very narrow and oppressive perspective that only works well for a small select few.

We have a beautiful collection of ethically sourced and fair traded handmade items in our Expand Your World View Collection. Here are a few items from that collection :


Handmade Maasai Medallion, 4" Round

Soapstone Jewelry Box $ 30.00


Handmade Maasai Medallion, 4" Round Soapstone Jewelry Box.  Carvers in Kenya's western highlands craft the basic form for lidded storage boxes from soft soapstone. Artisans in a Nairobi workshop then add a deep black hand-dyed finish and etched details.

Made in Kenya

Dimensions : 4" D x 2" H

The Mashona Burlap Pocket Wax Print Aprons $50

Inspired by hand crafted African textiles and patterns, each of the Burlap Pocket Wax Print Aprons are handmade by Sibongile M Malgas Harmeling, a talented artisan born and raised in Zimbabwe and creator of the Mashona brand. 

The Mashona is one of the two dominant tribes in Zimbabwe.

One Size Fits Most

Mini Bolga Baskets $18

Handmade in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana, West Africa, artisans weave iconic storage baskets and shopping totes from natural grass. The durable baskets can even be rinsed with cool water and reshaped when needed.

Quantity 1 = 1 basket

Dimensions vary around 3" - 4 " in diameter and 4" in height.

Colors may vary. Only a few natural color baskets remain. 

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