Sunsum® Sweetgrass Wreaths

Nature's Gifts for Summer Harvest : Handmade Sweetgrass Wreaths

We have been blessed with the abundance of Sweetgrass for the summer harvest. We used our time and space to craft the sweetgrass into wreath forms available for sale in bulk or decorated with real dried flowers.


Sunsum® Sweetgrass Wreaths


What is Sweetgrass ?

Sweetgrass is an aromatic grass with many names around the world. It is also known as Vanilla Grass, Seneca Grass, Buffalo Grass, too name a few. It has many properties that cultures around the world have embraced as a medicine, fragrance, crafting material, and smudge. Usually harvested during late summer, sweetgrass is a sustainable and renewable source of crafting material. It's native to North America and most commonly crafted in baskets.


Sunsum® Sweetgrass Wreaths


We chose to craft our sweetgrass in wreath forms which are the latest products. You can purchase the 4" wreath forms in bulk, or just a single wreath decorated with real dried flowers as a gift for home.


Sunsum® Sweetgrass Wreath Forms



The best part of crafting these wreaths was enjoying the beautiful and delicate aromas of the sweetgrass while soaking the grass and twisting into wreaths. Each wreath is handmade so there will be variations, however the importance and versatility of these wreaths remains the true.

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