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Reeds, Diffusers, and Fragrance Oils (oh my!)

We have been expanding the product line into new formats for home fragrances and scent preferences.

While vending outside in Nevada is still hot (even in September), we have been adapting to the environmental changes as well as the interests and needs of our new audiences.

Here's a clip from the Tivoli Village Farmer's Market on Saturday, September 11th :


You can browse our store to find diffusers and reeds in our Diffuser Collection.

Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks, The Great Plains, Rattan Wood Flowers

These handmade diffuser replacement sticks can be used to fit any diffuser or change out the scent for the The Great Plains Diffuser.

The Great Plains, Rattan Wood Flower, Reed Diffuser 40 ml


Refresh any diffuser with our handmade blended refill oils .

Diffuser Refill Oils 4 oz

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