Sunsum® Intentional Living Shipments World View As of August 2022

Where can you find Sunsum® Intentional Living Products ?

We are an emerging brand that sells worldwide.

Sunsum® Intentional Living Shipments Worldview as of Sep 7, 2022

Since the start of the brand in 2019, we have expanded sales into Canada, Europe, Bahrain, and Australia. While most of our sales are stateside including Alaska, for an emerging brand, we are definitely growing beyond the scope of our local community thanks to e-commerce.

Sunsum® Intentional Living - European Shipments

Most of our sales to Europe are to retailers with small boutiques who found a connection to our products. Some of the popular products that you will find at European boutiques include : reed diffusers, drawstring pouches, candles, and bouquets.

We have learned that Sunsum® doesn't solve any problems, but instead is a values-driven niche brand. Sunsum® products are intentionally created to make a connection between the natural world, spiritual world, and physical world. Our value proposition has been evolving as we learn from the feedback of our customers.  What we know from our business customers, is that we appeal to other woman-owned boutiques and small businesses worldwide because we are thoughtful, reliable, generous, fair, and offer good quality products with low minimums.  

Here's some of the latest reviews from recent orders from retailers worldwide :

Faire Wholesale Order Reviews of Sunsum® Intentional Living from August 2022

Does Anyone Need a Handmade Gift in Wyoming, Minnesota, or Kansas ?

Sunsum® Intentional Living Shipments in the United States as of August 2022

We have been busy. The darker green states indicate a higher shipment volume. The light green states indicate a moderate shipment volume. That leaves the greyed out states .... we haven't been there yet. 

We are not finished growing, however, it's not without it's challenges during an economic recession. But we are not strangers to adversity, setbacks, or challenges. 

We hope to continue to inspire others to find purpose and passion in their lives. Since relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada from Lafayette, Louisiana in 2021, we have learned so much about ourselves, our environment and our connection to the land through the brand.

Be like a cactus flower. Rugged and Beautiful.

Like a cactus flower, we have swelled in the desert and we will survive the droughts. We celebrate nature through our products not because it's trendy, but because it's how we perceive the world and understand our connection to people and places. It's not a coincidence that we have done well in the desert, as the people of Las Vegas have a saying, that they are "Battle Born". 

This colloquialism resonates with the brand given our back story. Sunsum® is  black woman owned brand, bootstrapped in the muddy waters of the Atchafalaya Basin, uprooted and replanted in the Mojave Desert during a global pandemic. 

We are battle born, too.

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