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How to Use Intention Candles For Accessing a Well-Lived Life

Sunsum Intention Candles

Intention candles are a simple and effective tool for setting intentions and manifesting your desires. When choosing a intention candle, every little detail about the candle is important for manifesting your intention. We have created a framework for intentional living with our intention candles, to reduce the amount effort and time you will spend researching how to manifest your intentions.

The Sunsum Intention Candles are intentionally designed for your personal development and spiritual awakening. Each candle contains the following characteristics : a specific anchoring phrase for setting your intention, an adinkra symbol for focus and drawing sigils, and a signature fragrance designed to awaken your senses.

NOTE:  Each intention candle has a corresponding wax melt, diffuser oil, and body oil. You can choose the wax melt for a flameless experience, the diffuser oil for anointing your sacred space or the body oil for reminding you of your goals. See our Spirit Numbers Collection, Transmutation Sets for one of each.

Here's how to use them:

  1. Choose your intention: Start by thinking about what you would like to manifest in your life. This could be a specific goal, a desire for change, or a general feeling you would like to cultivate. Write your intention in a clear and concise sentence, such as "I attract abundance and prosperity into my life."

  2. Choose your candle: Select a candle that resonates with your intention, either in color, scent, or symbolic meaning. For example, green candles are often associated with abundance and prosperity, while lavender candles are used for relaxation and stress relief.

  3. Set the intention: Light the candle and hold it in your hand. Focus on your intention and visualize your desired outcome. Repeat affirmations or a mantra to help you focus, such as "I manifest abundance and prosperity in my life."

  4. Meditate: Use the candle as a focal point for meditation. Sit quietly and gaze at the flame, breathing deeply and focusing on your intention. Allow yourself to feel the positive energy and emotions associated with your desired outcome.

  5. Release the intention: Once you feel the candle has charged your intention, blow out the flame and release your attachment to the outcome. Trust that the universe will respond to your intention and focus on your daily life.

  6. Repeat the process: Use intention candles regularly, perhaps once a week, to reinforce your intention and maintain focus. You can also create a ritual around lighting the candle, such as playing soft music or diffusing essential oils, to help you connect with your intention.

Using intention candles is a simple and powerful way to set and reinforce your intentions. By focusing your attention and energy on your desired outcome, you are sending a clear message to the universe and opening yourself up to new opportunities and experiences.

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