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Sunsum : A Beacon of Light During Dark Times

Earlier this week, a customer reach out from Brighton, MA to inform me about her medical diagnose of cancer and hoped that my products could help heal her emotionally and spiritually. I empathized with her plea and condition as a trauma survivor.  I thanked her for considering the brand as a tool for healing however, I reinforced that my products are good and handmade with love , but they are not healing cancer "good". 

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I'm not that powerful.

With the power that I do have and the community that I'm working to build as the brand grows, I welcomed others to pray for her as she weathers one of the biggest storms of her life. 

I love my customers, but I would never promise anything more or less that I know I can deliver. After deciding to write this article, I wish for every reader to send their prayers towards her and her family through this difficult time.

I strive to live with authenticity backed with pure intentions. I designed the brand to reflect the same values.

I am honored that she was able to discern that authenticity and purity from just a few webpages and listings. I wish I could promise that my products could take away ailments and illness, but I just can't. 

I hate cancer.

I wish I had the power to cure ailments and illness.

Through the noise of capitalism and the darkness of suffering, somehow the brand was like a beacon of light and hope for her.

I often say that my brand is designed to intentionally heal spaces. As space and time have a major impact on your overall wellness. For each of the 7 dimensions of wellness (social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical), your ability to control your space and time, also known as aesthetic freedom, correlates to the outcomes of each dimension. 

With that said, the Sunsum products can be decorative or used with wellness practices to improve your overall well-being. 

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I love what you shared and how you opened the door for your customer to live with honest hope and expectancy. Because of your authenticity, love for people, and generous, creative soul, you have already blessed her. I will pray for her and for you as you continue to “bloom in the desert!” Love you, sister, As`e & Amen!

Linda C. Shaw

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