Collection: No. 0 - Soul (Pineapple, Sage, White Tea) Collection

The Sunsum®  No. 0 - Soul collection is the first in a series of lifestyle products designed to create spaces to thrive with mindfulness practices that awaken intrinsic motivation, stimulate curiosity, and promote cultural competence and interconnectedness.

Initialize yourself with the No. 0 - Soul signature fragrance line, inspired by the adinkra symbol of the human spirit, Sunsum. In the mythology of the Ashanti and Akan people, the Sunsum is one's Spirit. The Sunsum is what connects the body (homan) to the soul (Kra).

The fragrance notes of No. 0 - Soul are : pineapple, bergamot, mandarin, green leaves, palm , anise, thyme, jasmine, ginger, sage, sugar, white tea, chrysanthemum.

No. 0 - Soul (Pineapple, Sage, White Tea) Collection