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No. 0 - Soul, Pineapple, Sage, White Tea ( 8 oz )

No. 0 - Soul, Pineapple, Sage, White Tea ( 8 oz )

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Sunsum® Intention Candles,  No. 0 - Soul, apothecary candle jar, 8 oz is the first in a series of intention candles designed to create spaces to thrive with mindfulness practices that awaken intrinsic motivation, stimulate curiosity, and promote cultural competence and interconnectedness. 

Initialize yourself with the No. 0 - Soul candle, inspired by the adinkra symbol of the human spirit, Sunsum. In the mythology of the Ashanti and Akan people, the Sunsum is one's Spirit. The Sunsum is what connects the body (homan) to the soul (Kra).

Each luxury candle is handmade with a coconut and beeswax blend, hemp wick, and essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oils. The cosmetic-grade ingredients can be softened for use as lotion for hand or body. This luxury scented 8 oz apothecary jar,  No. 0 - Soul,  smells like pineapple, sage and white tea. Soften or melted wax can be used as a hand and body lotion. The fragrance notes of No. 0 - Soul are : pineapple, bergamot, mandarin, green leaves, palm , anise, thyme, jasmine, ginger, sage, sugar, white tea, chrysanthemum.

As a brand, Sunsum Intention Candles promotes the belief that mindfulness can transform the life of an individual and the world. Sunsum Intention Candles is committed to supporting organizations that also help shift the world towards a more sustainable society. Sunsum Intention Candles sources suppliers and small businesses that use contemplative practices, including eco-friendly packaging and compostable mailers and shipping boxes.  A portion of each purchase contributes to the One Tree Planted non-profit organization. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
great smell candle

I love this candle. We love burning candles in our house every single day, as it gives the house a perfect aroma. This candle is a luxury scented, coconut wax, and beeswax blend, it has a strong aroma, and the house smells amazing. We have dogs in the house and this candle helps us with all the dog's smells, now I can only smell the candle and not the dogs. For a longer-lasting, you need to trim it before every use. This candle not only gives your house a perfect aroma but also it gives coziness and comfort.

Fills the house without overpowering

I wish i loved this scent, but it was very buzy and simply not for me. Some of the other scents sound amazing so i may give those a try because this candle filled my house with its scent rather quickly without being overpowering. Sadly it was filled with a scent i didnt end up carrying for. I think a different scent would be great in this brand!

Love the scent

I'm really a big fan of this Sunsum intention candle. To start off I really love how the candle is in a glass container. The container also came with a glass lid which I always prefer because I find it very useful to put the candle out. When you put the lid on the candle, no air is getting in there, therefore the fire gets suffocated and puts out by itself. The candle seems to be lasting a pretty decent amount of time. By far my favorite part would have to be the scent. The first time I smelled it I thought it was similar to perhaps a lemon candy. After lighting it and really getting to smell it; it's slightly more like a very clean, soapy lemon smell. It's slightly sweet but definitely not too sweet. It's a great real relaxing scent to have going on at any time of the day.

Smells good coming out of the box

This candle smells good as you take it out of the box. It actually smells yummy. It smells like pineapple and that happens to be one of my favorite scents. I don't know much about it helping to calm me. I'm not really into that type of life, I guess. I just know it smells good and I love a candle that smells good. If a candle smells leaves my home smelling nice, I'm happy with that.

Very nice candle

Provides just enough light, and has an interesting fragrance. When I first lit the wick, it smelled like licorice, but after a minute the listed scents hit my nose. I would definitely recommend this product, and the shipping was was very fast!