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Divine Feminine Energy, Self-Love, Bath & Body, Gift Set

Divine Feminine Energy, Self-Love, Bath & Body, Gift Set

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The Divine Feminine Energy, Self-Love, Bath & Body, Gift Set was created to celebrate our interconnectedness with the natural world and to set your intentions on mental clarity, serenity, and abundance. Together with the divine feminine energy of the water spirits, Mami Wata, Ritual Bath Salts, the Lavender & Wheat Floral Wand,  and the Time is a Healer, Personal Fragrance, you can practice self-love by making healing and your overall wellness a priority.

Each gift set includes :

  • 1 Mami Wata Ritual Bath Salts, 10 oz
  • 1 Lavender & Wheat Floral Wand, Smudge Stick, 6 "
  • 1 Time is a Healer, Personal Fragrance, 30 ml (multiple options)

After smudging your space, and soaking in the ritual bath salts, you can dress your body with a Sunsum® Signature scent from our fragrance line.

Non-toxic, personal fragrances made with coconut oil. The concentration fragrances oil in our body oils classifies them as a perfume. Explore our range of blends.

Multiple fragrances available.

Sunsum® Signature Fragrance Line  

  • No. 0 - Soul smells like pineapple, sage, and white tea
  • No. 1 - Kingdom smells like lavender, patchouli, and oud
  • No. 2 - Foundation smells like neroli, jasmine, and bergamot
  • No. 3 - Splendor smells like mango, coconut milk, and honey
  • No. 4 - Victory smells like amber, vanilla, and palo santo
  • No.5 - Beauty smells like rose, sandalwood and papaya 

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    Carlesa Lloyd (Indianapolis, US)

    Amazing product!!!