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Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks, The Great Plains, Rattan Wood Flower

Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks, The Great Plains, Rattan Wood Flower

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Indulge in the natural beauty of The Great Plains with our handmade bundles of dried plants and rattan wood flower Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks.

Introducing our latest addition to the Great Plains collection - handcrafted rattan wood flower diffuser sticks that will take your senses on a journey through the vast and serene landscapes of America's heartland. Made from dried plants collected from this region, these replacement sticks are more than just an indulgence for your olfactory senses. They add rustic charm to any space with their natural texture and warm color while delivering an intoxicating aroma in every corner they occupy. Each handmade bundle is a testament to the passion we have for quality and authenticity, making it perfect for those who appreciate unique home decor accents that elevate their daily life experience into something truly memorable. Whether as a replacement or simply as part of your décor, these diffuser sticks will make you feel like you're walking through a tranquil field on The Great Plains every single day

  • Our Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks, made with natural rattan wood flowers, provide a subtle yet longlasting fragrance to your living space
  • The Great Plains scent is inspired by the beauty of dried plants and grasses found in the vast prairies of America's Midwest
  • Each bundle of our handmade rattan wood flower sticks is carefully crafted for maximum absorption and diffusion of essential oils
  • With our Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks, you can enjoy an ecofriendly alternative to synthetic air fresheners that adds a touch of rustic charm to any room

Each Reed stick bundle contains, dried plants and flowers paired with rattan wood flowers. Bundles have wheat, star daisy (chamomile), baby pampas grass, 2 rattan wood flower.

Bundle Height between 6 - 8 inches.

Bundles are handmade and unique.

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Customer Reviews

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Kaitlin Crosby (Corvallis, US)

These are super cute and fit perfectly in with my decor.