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No. 0 - Soul (tattoo)

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Sunsum® Manifestation Temporary Tattoos, No. 0 - Soul. We are connected to all things. The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. It represents our soul.

Customer Reviews

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Cool temporary tattoo

I got one "Sunsum Intention Candles, Soul Manifestation Tattoo" from Walmart. At first I thought I was receiving a special candle but upon further look it was just a tattoo that this candle brand sells. It's cool that I can use it as my family really likes spiritual or zen type stuff so putting a cool temporary tattoo on would be fun to show everyone. It comes with basic instructions like any temporary tattoo. Wet the backing sheet, apply to clean skin surface for at least a minute, remove backing sheet and the tattoo should remain. It goes on really well and is pretty durable. Doesn't seem to smudge, crack or wipe away easily once applied and dried. The design is kind of weird but they offer a reason behind it. Overall I am really surprised by it, the color stays bold for quite some time and looks kind of real. It is kind of spiritual and I bet more people would ask the meaning behind it when you are out with it on. It is a very neat piece of artwork for anyone who likes spiritual or zen-like symbolism. I would recommend it to others for sure but I don't think I would get it again as it is just too big of a tattoo.

Tattoo candle

It was so relaxing to have the tattoo candle in the house , I would definitely recommend this to all my family and friends so they can also enjoy the same experience I had with mine

Soul Tattoo

Sunsum Intention Candles has put it together with this tattoo. This is deep and gives inspiration calming all at the same time. The design in this tattoo is reaching out to all. The No- Soul, Manifestation Tree of Life tattoo is personal yet known to everyone. The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal uniqueness and our individual beauty. As the tattoo connects The Tree of Life shows we are connected to everything. Sunsum in mythology is what connects the body to the soul. The Tree of life grows upward and outward as we reach our goals in life. So does the symbol reach out and connect the meanings of our soul. The best part is the tattoo is temporary. Yes, you can wear the tattoo and not really get inked. This excites me because I am not a fan of ink. I do like to express myself sometimes and this tattoo is a great way to do it. Plus if you don't like the tattoo or the place you thought you wanted to put it, no worries, it will go away. The tattoo is easily applied with holding a wet cloth on the tattoo for 30 seconds and you have a tattoo.

Save Him From Being Stupid.

I got this for a 17-year-old nephew who talked about getting a tattoo because he thought his buddy would think it looked cool. Hard for a 17-year-old to understand he will be stuck with some out dated mess for the rest of his life. Hope this makes him see how stupid getting a tattoo is.

Sundevil Country

Not sure how to review this...but I guess it is a symbol that connects the body to the one's soul. A tree of life type of symbol. I will do some more studying/research to see what it is all about.I before purchasing...might be some interesting research.